CYM 50th Anniversary CD

Recorded at the Chairworks Recording Studio in Castleford at the start of our 50th Anniversary in September 2015, our CD is now available for FREE to all our members, friends, families and supporters. Request your copy below, or by giving us a call on (01977) 511971.

Alternatively, here are the individual tracks to play (left click) or download (right click):

1. World in Union (.m4a 3.4Mb) 10. Candy Man (.m4a 2.6Mb)
2. Family Guy (.m4a 1.4Mb) 11. Annie (.m4a 4.2Mb)
3. Pacific Grandeur (.m4a 3.6Mb) 12. One Love (.m4a 2.8Mb)
4. I Hear Music In Me (.m4a 3.5Mb) 13. Mission Impossible (.m4a 2.0Mb)
5. Top of the World (.m4a 2.7Mb) 14. If You Feel Like Dancing (.m4a 2.2Mb)
6. An American in Paris (.m4a 1.6Mb) 15. Something Wonderful (.m4a 2.7Mb)
7. Forget You (.m4a 1.9Mb) 16. Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame (.m4a 3.9Mb)
8. I Know Where I've Been (.m4a 2.8Mb) 17. Colours of the Wind (.m4a 4.0Mb)
9. Fields of Gold (.m4a 4.1Mb) 18. Battle Hymn of the Republic (.mp3 10.3Mb)

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